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Stranger Things Decal Sticker for PlayStation 5 & Controller

Stranger Things Decal Sticker for PlayStation 5 & Controller

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Immerse yourself in the world of Stranger Things with this epic vinyl sticker set for your PlayStation 5 console. These stickers, made from fantastic, precision-cut vinyl, add a splash of color and a touch of personal flair to your gaming setup. The main feature of this set is the Stranger Things logo which is available in over 10 different color options. From the classic red to vibrant green and playful pink, each hue is chosen to complement your console and reflect your personal style.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. For those who are captivated by the thrilling adventures of the Hellfire Club, this set includes an additional sticker for your controller, embodying the spirit of the show's beloved characters. Whether you're a gamer, a die-hard fan of the series, or a PlayStation 5 enthusiast, these stickers are the perfect way to make your console stand out.

Crafted with care in the UK, the stickers are made from high-quality vinyl and are mounted on clear transfer tape for easy application. The precision-cut ensures a perfect fit for both your console and controller, guaranteeing a sleek, professional look. This set includes one sticker for your console and one for your controller, offering a complete transformation of your gaming equipment.

Ideal for those who appreciate the intricate details of the show and want to incorporate a piece of Hawkins magic into their daily lives, these stickers are a subtle yet impactful way to show off your fandom. Elevate your gaming experience with this unique, personalised touch that resonates with the excitement and mystery of the hit series.

  • Easy Application
  • Over 10 Colour Options
  • High-Quality Vinyl Material
  • Includes Controller Sticker
  • Perfect for Fans of Stranger Things
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