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Personalised By KM

Personalised God of War Decal Sticker for PS5

Personalised God of War Decal Sticker for PS5

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Unleash your inner God of War with our custom personalized stickers for the PlayStation 5 console. Featuring the iconic Omega symbol and your name, these stickers are a tribute to the legendary game series.

Crafted for PS5 covers, front or back, our stickers seamlessly blend with your console. And to add a touch of God of War to your controller, you'll receive a GOW sticker as well.

Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering this incredible saga, these stickers are the ultimate way to display your passion. Customize your gaming setup, channel your inner Kratos, and embark on legendary adventures.

Unleash the warrior within—personalize your PS5 and controller now with our exclusive God of War stickers. Get ready to conquer the gaming realm!

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  • Adds Colour to Your Console
  • Over 10 Colour Options
  • For Fans of the God of War Series
  • Includes GOW Controller Sticker
  • Easy to Transfer to Console

History: God of War, a game that redefined action-adventure, takes players on a journey with Kratos, the formidable Spartan warrior. This franchise is celebrated for its rich storytelling and mythological battles.

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