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PS5 Logo Sticker for PlayStation 5 Console

PS5 Logo Sticker for PlayStation 5 Console

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Add a little colour to your PlayStation 5 console with these epic stickers. Designed specifically for placement under the console's front cover, this sticker allows your unique style to shine through when the cover is re-attached. With over 15 vibrant colors to choose from, including captivating blue, playful pink, energizing green, sunny yellow, and bold red! You can find the perfect hue to complement your gaming setup.

In addition to the stunning array of colors, we offer special variants for those seeking an extra touch of luxury. Our gold, silver, and chrome options exude sophistication and elegance, making your PS5 console a true standout among your gaming accessories.

For those longing for a nostalgic gaming experience, we proudly present our Retro Colorway. This special edition gives your console the classic appearance of the beloved PlayStation 1, allowing you to indulge in nostalgia while enjoying the cutting-edge capabilities of your PS5.

Crafted with utmost precision, our vinyl stickers are made in the UK to ensure the highest quality and durability. Each sticker is carefully cut to fit seamlessly under the console's front cover, providing a sleek and professional look. Applying the sticker is a breeze, and you can rest easy knowing it won't leave any residue behind, preserving the pristine condition of your console.

  • Precision Cut Vinyl
  • Adds Colour to Your Console
  • Easy to Apply
  • Over 15 Colours to Choose From
  • Perfect Gift for a Gamer!
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